Subaru manufacturer


Founded 1953
Subaru founder Kenji Kita
Subaru headquarters Ebisu, Tokyo, Japan
Subaru parent Fuji Heavy Industries
Slogan “Confidence in Motion”
Subaru official website

Who makes Subaru?

Cars under the Subaru make are designed, manufactured and marketed by a division of Japanese conglomerate Fuji Heavy Industries. Subaru’s parent company was founded as the Aircraft Research Laboratory in 1915, but it wasn’t until 1950s that it started building cars. Prior to it, in 1946, it built its first motor scooter. When in 1953 four companies merged to create Fuji Heavy Industries, the head of the group, Kenji Kita, announced the plans for making cars. The first model from the range was named Subaru 1500, followed by the 360 (1958) and the Sambar (1961).

What country makes Subaru?

In contrast to many other Japanese car makers, Subaru rarely moves production to countries where manufacturing and labor is cheaper. In fact, as much as 75% of cars forming the range are still constructed at Subaru manufacturing plants in Japan. Fuji Heavy Industry’s only overseas plant is located in Lafayette, Indiana.

Where is Subaru made?

Most of the models from the current lineup are made in Ōta, Gunma Prefecture, Japan. The plant includes four factories. Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86 is produced in the Subaru-chō factory, which was repurposed from kei car manufacturing. Commercial trucks are made at Otakita Plant, while the Impreza, the STI, the WRX, XV Crosstrek, and Forrester are built at the Yajima Plant. Also, the Gunma cluster includes the Oizumi Plant, which is responsible for making engines and transmissions.

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Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Inc.


The only of the Subaru manufacturing plants situated outside Japan, SIA is based in Lafayette, Indiana. Initially it was a joint venture with Isuzu Motors, and the companies shared production facilities. The joint venture was created in 1987, and as soon as in one and a half years the first car rolled off the assembly line. The first cars to be made here were Subaru Legacy and Isuzu P’up.

Isuzu had financial problems, and by 2003 the joint venture was over. In the course of time Subaru became the sole owner of the plant, then a new minority shareholder, Toyota Motor Corporation, appeared. Here, Toyota started manufacturing its Camrys in 2007. The annual output was 35,000 units, and the company even announced its plans to raise this figure to 100,000 units. However, in 2016 production of Camry cars was moved to Kentucky.

December 9, 2016 was a remarkable date in SIA’s history, the day when the 5 millionth car was manufactured here, a blue Subaru Outback.

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