Scion manufacturer


Founded July 16, 1909, Zwickau, Germany
Defunct August 5, 2016
Scion headquarters Torrance, California, U.S.
Scion parent Toyota
Scion official website

Who makes Scion?

Scion is a car brand created by the Japanese automaker Toyota in 2003. It was discontinues in 2016. The lineup was aimed at younger customers. The concept behind the Scion brand was created on the basis of research and testing with Millenials. Currently the range includes five models.

Although the Scion brand became well-known, it struggled financially, so at the beginning of 2016 the company informed that it’s going to discontinue it. However, most models didn’t disappear, they just changed their names. For instance, the FR-S, the iA, and the iM were rebranded as Toyota 86, Yaris iA, and Corolla iM. The only model that disappeared completely was the tC.


Where is Scion made?

All the cars marketed under the Scion brand were made at Toyota plants in Japan. Each of the Scion manufacturing plants was responsible for one or several models of the range. For instance, Scion tC was constructed at the Tsutsumi plant located in Toyota, Aichi (established in 1970). The same plant made several models for the Toyota brand itself, including Prius, Camry, Premio, Allion, and Celica.

Scion iM, iQ and xB models were made at the Takaoka plant, which is also based in Toyota, Aichi. The same plant made Toyota Corolla and Auris.

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