Rolls Royce manufacturer


Founded 1906
Rolls Royce founder Charles Rolls, Henry Royce
Rolls Royce headquarters Goodwood, England, United Kingdom
Rolls Royce parent BMW
Rolls Royce official website

Who makes Rolls Royce?

Cars under the Rolls-Royce make are designed, built, and sold by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited, which is BMW’s wholly owned subsidiary. It was created in 1998, after BMW bought the rights to the Rolls-Royce brand name, logo, and grill shape from the previous owner, the German automaker Volkswagen AG. Since 2003 Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited has been the only company manufacturing cars under this brand.
Interestingly enough, vehicles under the Rolls-Royce marque that were created from 1906 to 2003 had no connection with the BMW’s subsidiary Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.


Where is Rolls Royce made?

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited proudly names its plant at Goodwood in West Sussex, England “a center of innovation.” Initially, the facility had only 200 employees, who could make not more than one car a day. In 2013 the team already consisted of 1,400 employees who made up to 20 vehicles a day. The growing production volume and number of workers can be explained by the introduction of the Ghost and the Wraith models, as well as the increasing demand for the Rolls-Royce cars. The Assembly Hall at the Rolls Royce manufacturing plant is surprisingly quiet, as much of the work is made by hand.

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