Pontiac manufacturer


Founded Pontiac, Oakland County, Michigan, United States (1926)
Pontiac headquarters Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
Owner General Motors
Pontiac official website www.pontiac.com

Who makes Pontiac?

Although General Motors stopped manufacturing cars under the Pontiac brand in 2010, it is still GM’s active trademark. The Pontiac brand was the property of General Motors ever since its inception in 1926. It was created as a companion marque for the Oakland brand, which was a more expensive line. Eventually Pontiac surpassed Oakland in popularity, but in 2010 financial problems made GM discontinue cars under the Pontiac brand.


Where is Pontiac made?

Pontiac is a defunct car marque, so there are no Pontiac manufacturing plants now working. The last car in the US was assembled in Orion Township back in 2009. It was a white G6 sedan. The Orion Township plant, however, wasn’t closed. It was retooled to produce new cars, and today Chevrolet Sonic and Buick Verano are made here.
Several months later the automaker built the last Pontiac G3 Wave in Mexico, and this was the official end of production for the Pontiac marque.

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