Lotus manufacturer


Founded 1952
Lotus founder Colin Chapman
Lotus headquarters Hethel, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom
Lotus parent Proton Holdings Berhad
Owner Proton (1996–present)
R. Artioli/Bugatti (1993–1996)
General Motors (1986–1993)
Lotus official website www.lotuscars.com

Who makes Lotus?

Group Lotus plc has been the property of a Malaysia-based PROTON Holdings Berhad for over 20 years. This corporation mainly deals with designing, producing, and selling vehicles. PROTON, in its turn, is a subsidiary of DRB-HICOM, one of Malaysia’s leaders in auto industry. Since 1983, when Lotus was established, the company changed ownership several times. The last change occurred in 1996 due to the bankruptcy of Romano Artioli.


Where is Lotus made?

All the tree models comprising the Lotus lineup are made in the UK. There are no more Lotus manufacturing plants anywhere in the world. Cars are assembled in a factory in Hethel, which is located not far from the Wymondham city. Interestingly enough, this location previously was a Royal Air Force base. What used to be the runway has been repurposed and now is a part of the test track.
Lotus has been using the same factory since 1966. Even when the company changed its owner in 1996, the Hethel factory remained the only place where the Lotus cars are made. The auto manufacturer is headquartered at the same place. This plant is sometimes included in the list of the best car manufacturing sites in the world. Formerly, the company also used factories in North London and in Cheshunt.

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