Lincoln manufacturer


Founded 1917
Lincoln founder Henry M. Leland
Lincoln headquarters Dearborn, Michigan, United States
Lincoln parent Ford Motor Company (1922–present)
Lincoln official website

Who makes Lincoln?

Although Lincoln was founded in 1917 as an independent car maker, it was purchased by Ford as soon as in 1922. Ever since, Lincoln has been Ford’s subsidiary. In the course of time, it developed into a well-known marque of luxury vehicles recognized all over the world.
Although Lincoln was one of America’s top luxury car makers, it is currently losing its position as a lot of autos are imported (most of them from Mexico), while many US citizens prefer to buy luxury goods made within the country.


Where is Lincoln made?

There are Lincoln manufacturing plants in three countries: the US, Mexico, and Canada. All of them are controlled by Lincoln’s parent company, Ford.
Two plants are located in Louisville, Kentucky: the Kentucky Truck Assembly, where Lincoln Navigator is constructed, and Louisville Assembly Plant, which makes 2015 Lincoln MKC. There’s one more plant in Flat Rock, Michigan, which is responsible for building Lincoln Continental.
The only Canadian plant, which is located in Oakville, Ontario, manufactures the MKX and the MKT, while the factory in Hermosillo, Mexico, produces Lincoln MKZ.
According to some sources, the MKS luxury sedan is assembled at Chicago Assembly in Illinois, the Navigator SUV is made in Wayne, Michigan, while the Town Car is produced in St Thomas, Ontario, Canada.

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