Land Rover manufacturer


Type Brand of Jaguar Land Rover
Founded 1948
Land Rover founder Maurice Wilks
Land Rover headquarters Whitley, Coventry, United Kingdom
Land Rover parent Jaguar Land Rover
Owner Rover Company (1948–1967)
Leyland Motor Corporation (1967–1968 )
British Leyland Motor Corporation (1968–1986)
Rover Group (1986–2000)
Ford Motor Company (2000–2008)
Tata Motors (2008-Present)
Land Rover official website

Who makes Range Rover?

Range Rover is a luxurious, full-size sport utility vehicle manufactured by Jaguar Land Rover. Jaguar Land Rover, in its turn, is owned by the Indian Tata Group through its automotive division Tata Motors (since 2008). Introduced in 1970, Range Rover is currently in its fourth generation. The company enriched the line with the Evoque and the Sport models.

Currently Land Rovers are made at the Land Rover manufacturing plants in Halewood and Solihull (both in UK). The Halewood Body & Assembly was established in 1963 by Ford Motor Company. It started manufacturing the second generation Land Rover Freelander model in 2007. The first model from the Rover Series made at Solihull plant rolled off the assembly line in 1948.

Land Rover does research and development at its Gaydon and Whitley engineering centers.


Where is Range Rover made?

Today cars under the Land Rover marque are manufactured in several countries, from China (Changshu) and India (Pune), to the United Kingdom (Whitney and Liverpool).
The first Range Rover Evoque to be made in China rolled off the assembly line in 2014. It is the first Range Rover manufacturing plant in China. The factory, which is located north of Shanghai, is one of the results of a joint venture with Chinese automaker Chery. The manufacturing facility occupies 40,000 square metres. Tata Motors representatives explained that the decision to open a plant in China was taken due to dramatic growth of sales in this country. According to the company, the Evoque cars constructed in China are sold only in the inner market.
The first Range Rover was assembled in New South Wales, Australia in 1979. To assemble Range Rovers, workers used CKD kits. The plant stayed active for quite a short period time, it was discontinued in 1983 because Australian government set higher tariff on parts.

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