Isuzu manufacturer


Founded 1934
Isuzu founder Armand Isuzu
Isuzu headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Slogan Rajanya Diesel (The King of Diesel)
Key people Susumu Hosoi (President & Representative Director)
Ryozo Tsukioka (Executive Vice President)
Isuzu official website

Who makes Isuzu

Isuzu is one of Japan’s top commercial vehicles and diesel engine brands. Products under this brand are manufactured by Isuzu Motors Ltd. The company, which was named after the Isuzu River, has a long history dating back to 1983. There are several subsidiaries and joint ventures enabling the company to operate in Turkey, China, Russia, Malaysia, the UK, South Africa, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, and India.


Where is Isuzu made

Back at the beginning of the previous century Isuzu became Japan’s first car maker, and nowadays most of its cars are still made in Japan. Isuzu manufacturing plants are based in Fujisawa, in the Tochigi and Hokkaidō prefectures. Isuzu collaborated with General Motor on several cars. At one point General Motors had an almost 50% share in Isuzu, and later they had a joint venture. According to some sources, Isuzu Ascender was assembled by the GM in the US.

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