Infiniti manufacturer


Founded 1989
Founder Bill Bruce
Headquarters Hopewell Centre, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Parent Nissan
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Who makes Infiniti

Infinity is the luxury car brand created by the Japanese automaker Nissan in 1989. Although the parent company is based in Japan, the Infinity brand was originally created for the North American market. It was formally introduced to the Japanese market only in 2013. Yet, it is worth mentioning that Infinity models have equivalents in the Nissan range sold in its home country.


Where is Infiniti made

Taking into consideration that Infiniti is mainly sold in the US, it’s hardly a surprise that most of the cars are manufactured there as well. For instance, the QX56 model is made at one of the largest Infinity manufacturing plants, which is located in Canton, Mississippi.
There are several plants in Europe, which manufacture the G37 Coupe, the G37 Cabrio, the G37, the EX37, and the FX. At the end of 2015 Infinity announced that it started production of its Infiniti Q30 at the newly-built facilities in Sunderland, UK. The Infinity G Coupe and Sedan, the M, the EX, the FX, and the QX are made in the Middle East.