Buick manufacturer


Founded 1899 (Buick Auto-Vim and Power Company)
1903 (Buick Motor Company)
Buick founder David Dunbar Buick
Buick headquarters Detroit, Michigan, United States
Owner General Motors (1908–present)
Buick official website www.buick.com

Who makes Buick

The Buick Motor Division, which is more often called just Buick, is an entry-level luxury brand owned by General Motors (GM). Among GM’s brands, Buick can be positioned somewhere in between mainstream makes, like Chevrolet, and the luxury Cadillac make. Buick was established in 1903, and it was the cornerstone of the creation of GM in 1908.


Where is Buick made

Most Buick manufacturing plants are located in the US. The full-size Lucerne sedan is manufactured at GM’s Detroit/Hamatrack Assembly (Michigan), while the 2010 Lacrosse sedan was made in Fairfax, Kansas. In 2005-2009 these models were produced in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. The Enclave crossover is manufactured in Delta Township, Michigan. GM became the first US carmaker to bring a car made in China (the Buick Envision) to the US market.

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