Bentley manufacturer


Fate Rolls-Royce Limited (1931)
Vickers plc (1980)
Volkswagen Group (1998)
Predecessor Rolls-Royce Motors
Founded 1919
Bentley founder W. O. Bentley
Bentley headquarters Crewe, England, United Kingdom
Bentley parent Volkswagen Group
Bentley official website

Who makes Bentley

Based in Crewe, England, Bentley is one of the brands that belong to the Volkswagen Group. The company was registered in August 1919. Rolls-Royce purchased Bentley in 1931, but in 1980, when Rolls-Royce went bankrupt, it sold the brand to Vickers. Finally, in 1998, Volkswagen AG bought Bentley from Vickers. Although Bentley is a British automobile icon, some cars are actually assembled in Germany.


Where is Bentley made

We can’t say that there are many Bentley manufacturing plants worldwide, actually these vehicles are built in Europe. Most Bentley cars are assembled at the Crewe factory in England. The headquarters and design and manufacturing center is situated in the outskirts of the Crewe town. It was created in July 1938. According to some sources, a small number of Continental Flying Spurs are built at the company’s Dresden plant in Germany. Also, bodies for the Continental model are manufactured in Zwickau, Germany.

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