Acura manufacturer


Founded March 27, 1986
Acura founder Honda Motor Company
Acura headquarters Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Owner Honda
Slogan Precision Crafted Performance
Acura official website

Who makes Acura

The Acura brand belongs to the Japanese automaker Honda. Acura was created by Honda in 1986 as a marque of luxury, performance, and high-performance vehicles. Acura became the first luxury car brand in Japan, and Honda was the first of all the Japanese manufacturers to have such a division. It was only later that other Japanese carmakers inspired by Acura’s success decided to launch their own luxury brands (Toyota launched Lexus and Nissan launched Infinity). Most of Acura’s cars are made in the US, with the exception of a couple of models.


Where is Acura made

Many of the Acura manufacturing plants are located within the US, but there are also models that are put together in Japan. The compact sedan Acura ILX is made in Greensburg, Indiana, while the midsize TLX sedan, as well as the RDX and the TL are manufactured in Marysville, Ohio. The RLX and the RLX Sport Hybrid are made in Saitama plant in Japan. Some sources mention that the TSX is also built in the same plant. The compact crossover RDX is manufactured in East Liberty, Ohio, while the MDX crossover is made in Lincoln, Alabama (according to other sources, in Alliston, Ontario, Canada).

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